Network multidirectional four-channel AXIS P3719-PLE camera

Network multidirectional four-channel AXIS P3719-PLE camera

The AXIS P3719-PLE camera delivers high-definition and sharpness images in all light conditions thanks to Axis Lightfinder and WDR technologies, as well as 360-degree IR illumination. Four variofocal lenses make it easy to observe in four different directions, thereby providing excellent 360 ° visibility or a combination of common and detailed plans.

Main characteristics:

15 megapixel 360 ° multidirectional camera

360-degree infrared illumination and remote control of zoom and focus

Lightfinder and WDR technologies

The ability to independently adjust the position of the four variofocal lenses

Axis Zipstream technology reduces network bandwidth and disk space requirements.

The camera is highly cost effective because you get the benefits of four cameras for the price of one. This means that you install one camera, run one cable, use one IP address, buy one license for video management software (VMS) and one license to install any analytical application you choose.

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