Canon enhances world’s smallest and lightest 4K projector

Canon announces the XEED 4K600Z, a compact, bright and higher-than-native 4K, LCOS, laser phosphor projector. Comprising 6,000 lumens to deliver premium quality and clear imaging, it is perfect for professional environments such as simulation, design, education, creative installations and digital signage. Alongside its incredible image brightness and clarity, the XEED 4K600Z also boasts the unrivalled compact size and functionality of its predecessor - the XEED 4K600STZ - and a throw ratio of 1.34-2.35:1 to unlock further installation projection possibilities.

Powerful 4K technology and accurate optics

Thanks to its native 4K resolution of 4096 x 2400, specialised Canon optics with LCOS technology and AISYS enhancement, the XEED 4K600Z creates an immersive experience with crisp detail and true-to-life colour covering the sRGB colour space. With its bright, colourful and clear imaging capabilities, the XEED 4K600Z is ideal for any high-end simulation environment which requires quality video reproduction. Further enhancing the video image and experience, the XEED 4K600Z comprises minimal field curvature for distortion free images, motion blur reduction and super-fast response times (1.0 frame delay). Pin sharp focus can be maintained in a range of environments, including when projecting onto domed or curved surfaces.

Compact size, superb usability and connectivity

Weighing in at just 26kg including the lens, the XEED 4K600Z is the world’s smallest and lightest native 4K laser projector in its class. It can easily be installed at any angle, with a motorised lens shift of +/- 60% ver-tical and +/-10% horizontal, which removes the need to tilt or reposition the projector, simplifying the installation process.

Alongside its ease-of-use and straightforward installation, the XEED 4K600Z’s host of programmable settings makes it a flexible option for professional environments. For example, due to its laser technology it can be utilised for digital signage as the XEED 4K600Z can operate around-the-clock and be used in portrait mode. It is even versatile enough to deliver an accurate display of greyscale x-ray imaging in medical education, thanks to its Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine (DICOM) simulation mode, which is compliant to DICOM 14 standards for medical display teaching.

Wi-Fi capabilities allow for management and control of the projector through iOS devices, which was previously only possible through a wired LAN. The new Canon Projector Service Tool app – available on iOS devices - saves users time by enabling control functionality, and an error reporting and resolution procedure.

Longer lasting, brighter light

Instead of a traditional lamp, the reliable XEED 4K600Z uses a blue light laser source to produce high-performance light, allowing the exact level of brightness required to be achieved. As a result, the projector benefits from a longer life with an operation time of up to 40,000 hours, minimising maintenance and downtime costs. The XEED 4K600Z is supported by Canon's five year warranty, plus a free next day loan service, which further reduces downtime for the user.

XEED 4K600Z key features:

  • Higher-than-native 4K resolution (4,096 x 2,400 pixels)
  • 6,000 lumen brightness
  • Lightweight (26 kg), compact (559mm x 201mm x 624mm) chassis
  • 360° orientation, with landscape and portrait modes
  • Wide colour gamut, meeting the sRGB colour standard
  • 1.76x motorised zoom lens
  • 4K LCOS technology for smooth, seamless imaging
  • Vivid colour production with 4000:1 native contrast ratio
Learn more about Canon XEED 4K600Z here

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