The new NEC MultiSync C Series

Modern environments are designed light and airy with a minimalist look, requiring clutter-free spaces. Our latest addition to the Large Format Display family is the perfect fit to these surroundings. Capable of portrait and landscape orientation, the NEC MultiSync C Series seamlessly integrates with a compelling digital canvas to convey your communications.

With a powerful integrated MediaPlayer, the NEC MultiSync C Series perfectly processes image and video media file formats. The standalone solution requires no additional cabling ensuring a neat and seamless result with the only additional hardware required being a USB drive or MicroSDHC card. The simple plug in solution saves time and resources.

As expected from NEC, the MultiSync C Series carries the badge for quality and reliability. With industry-grade components you invest in long lasting technologies with low TCO. Thanks to flexible connectivity, integration into existing system environments can be easily achieved.

Using NEC’s powerful all-in-one remote and management software suite NaViSet Administrator 2, multi-device installations can be centrally controlled. Auto play settings allow content playback to be scheduled according to time and date; useful in so many applications from wishing your customers a good morning before noon, to listing certain menus only at a certain time.

Features of NEC C-Series:
  • Impressive FullHD LCD technology – eye-pleasing black levels and impressive contrast ratios for ergonomic viewing and less fatigue in conferencing scenarios.
  • Modern and slim design – robust yet elegant allowing for an unobtrusive integration into any application and environment.
  • All-in-one Signage solution integrated – the integrated mediaplayer for simple signage use supports easy content playback and management.
  • Mission-critical 24/7 ready operation – the meticulous selection of industrial-grade components and careful design focused on demanding usage scenarios accompany an impressive and continuous viewer experience.
  • Ease of use and operation – Smart installation, operation and maintenance functionality ensures accurate performance over the entire lifetime of the display saving time, effort and resources.
  • Free Download of Multi-Display Management Software – with NaViSet Administrator 2 you can manage all your connected display devices from a centralised location.
Learn more about NEC C-Series here

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