Macroscop introduces a new version of the software for video surveillance Macroscop 2.3

1. Simplified license installation

Now it is easier to install the license.

When you launch the software for the first time, you see the «License installation» button instead of «Configurator» one. As the next step, the license installation process will automatically start.

Now the basic configuration of the system takes you 15 minutes.

2. New Web-client

New Web-client is based on HTML5 and supported by almost all the available browsers. The interface is similar to Eocortex Client. The functions of the Web-client:

  • Playback in a grid
  • Full screen playback
  • Zoom in / out
  • Saveframe
  • PTZ camera control
  • Audio stream processing
  • Archive playback of one channel

3. System Healthcheck

The system will automatically detect and notify about the following problems:

  • High load on CPU by Eocortex Server
  • RAM high load 
  • Lost connection with cameras
  • No connection with a server
  • Problems with decoding subsystem
  • Problem with frame skipping
  • Cameras authorization problems
  • Problem with server service launch
  • No archiving

4. Increased stability and safety of databases

The hardware may be damaged leading to the problem with the database. In case there’s no replication, the data will be lost.

Starting from Eocortex 2.3 and for the next versions releases, the replication of the databases is done automatically.

If a database is damaged, it will be automatically restored from the replication. Therefore, the Journal data is protected as well as the results of Suspect Search and Suspect Tracking.

5. "Specify the result" function in Suspect Tracking

Now suspect Tracking is more accurate thanks to the "Specify the result" button.

Opt for at least one similar fragment and specify the result of the search. The new results will be given according to the specification. You can specify the result as many times as needed – right after the new specification.

6. Centralized update of all the servers in a system

Starting with 2.3, it is easier to update all servers in a system.

Now the configurator has an «Update the server» button. The update is downloaded only once. You can update all the servers in one window.

The servers can be updated from a remote workstation as well as downgraded to the previous version.

7. Reports on archive depth

Starting from 2.3, users can get a report on the archive depth showing the archiving for particular days and cameras.

The function will help to monitor the problems with cameras and the network. The report will be especially useful for large scale systems.

Report can be exported in CSV format.

8. New interface of LPR module

The interface of LPR module has been renewed for the users’ convenience.

The configuration of the module shows the transparent number plate for the interactive set of minimum and maximum size.

The recognized number plates with brief information are shown in the Client on the right. Adding a number plate to the database is possible by clicking on the recognized number.

The report can be filtered by time, cameras and other parameters.

9. New interface of Face Recognition module

The recognized faces with the brief information are shown on the right of the Client.

To add a new person to the database, you can simply click on the detected face in the Client.

The report can be filtered by time, cameras, names and other parameters.

Starting with 2.3 you can choose between two modules of Face Recognition:

  • Basic
  • Expert

Basic is the new module. It is much cheaper and hence, more available. Ask your personal manager at Eocortex for more details!

10. Increased accuracy of People Counting module

The process of the module configuration has become easier and the accuracy - higher.

Now the module can be configured with a playback from the archive or real-time playback. The size of the objects to count can be set interactively as well.

Thanks to the right settings of the People Counting module, the accuracy is higher and now close to 95%. Tested at the real sites.

Learn more about Macroscop 2.3 version here

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