Abris Distribution Inc. - official distributor of TechnoAware

Abris Distribution Inc., one of the leaders in the distribution of information technologies and telecommunications in the CIS and Mongolia, has signed a distribution contract with Technoaware, a recognized expert in the field of intelligent video analytics.

TechnoAware creates technologies, software products and integrated solutions for video analysis and intelligent security systems. Founded in 2003, TechnoAware Company embodied in the real product the experience and knowledge of the researchers of the ISIP40 group of the University of Genoa, who have been recognized experts of video analysis in the international scientific community for more than 30 years. The following is an incomplete list of Technoaware's intelligent modules:


Detection and signaling of the presence of faces within virtual areas


Counting and collection of the number of persons crossing virtual gates in a certain direction


Estimation and visualization in false colors on the image and on a map of the zones with higher or lower presence of persons within a defined timeframe inside virtual areas


Detection and signaling of objects left unattended within virtual areas for longer than a defined time


Counting and collection of the number and the dwell time of persons within virtual areas, and for each area signaling of the presence of a number of person higher than a defined threshold


Detects and signals the status (free / busy) of defined parking areas.

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