AXIS Camera Station S20

AXIS Camera Station is the ideal solution to meet the needs for efficient surveillance of small- and midsized installations, such as retail shops, hotels, schools and manufacturing sites – a proven solution with more than 50,000 installations worldwide. It is designed to perfectly match Axis’ wide range of network video products and product features to optimize system reliability.

AXIS Camera Station S20 Appliance Series constitute a series of network video recorders for reliable High Definition surveillance. To minimize installation time AXIS S20 appliances comes with an integrated PoE switch and they are preloaded with all necessary software including licenses, completed with cameras from Axis wide product portfolio and monitors they form an all-in-one solution for mid-sized installations up to 24 channels where active surveillance is needed

Hardware components are tested and validated to meet the demands for reliable high definition surveillance. AXIS S20 recorders allows users to take full advantage of Axis’ wide range of video surveillance cameras and other IP products. It also supports integration of third-party cameras.

AXIS Camera Station offers an intuitive user interface providing all necessary features for effective surveillance such as flexible live-view layout, site maps, powerful event configuration, efficient alarm management and responsive PTZ control.

Features of AXIS Camera Station S20:

  • All-in-one solution with integrated PoE switch
  • Validated with extensive support
  • High-definition surveillance up to 4K
  • AXIS Camera Station included
  • Full compatibility with Axis’ products

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